Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Irish Crochet

In every art form, there's a story and Irish Crochet is one that really inspires me. According to wikipedia,  It is a type of crochet lace that has its origin in the famine years of the 19th century in Ireland. Charity group sought to revive the economy by teaching crochet lace technique at no charge to anyone willing to learn.

I'm still trying to learn this crochet art and its not easy but its addictive at the same time. I still have to practice an even tension. These are my baby steps so far..

I turned this into a scrunchy for my daughter

I admit this is not good at all


  1. Hi Kristine... when I saw you talking about irish crochet I identified myself in a moment! IMy name is Ivelise and I'm a leraner on modern irish crochet! you can know my crochet work, on my blog, ( http://ivelisefeitoamao.blogspot.com.br/ ),I loved your blog..I would follow you, but I didn't find where... if you like my blog, become my follower..I'd apreciate it very much your visit! Your motifs are great! not bad! You seems to have used thin yarn! It's hard work! Congratulations! I use medium yarn...in the most part of my work...well time to go now...hughes...and greetings from Brazil :-)

  2. Hi Ivelise! Ive read your comment on my Boleros and Vest post before this. I want you to know that I always view your blog everyday for 2 years now I think. I already add your blog to my blogroll. Thank you for your compliments, coming from you it really made my day. God bless you and looking forward to more of your creations!

  3. Такая красота! О подобном даже не мечтаю. Но какое удовольствие на это смотреть...

  4. I find the best way to make even tension is to make each stitch with intention (no pun intended)... I just picked up filet crochet and that is what is working for me. Also, use a smaller hook than you think you will need. It makes a tighter crochet stitch, and you can keep the tension tighter so that it will work better. I've been crocheting about 42 years.

    If you are on bloggspot and want to follow a blogspot blog, go to your blogspot control page & press "add" and add the URL to this blog. That's how I was able to "subscribe" to this blog.