Thursday, October 11, 2012

Black, Grey or White

Whether black, grey or nude color..this bolero is so pretty!. Looks like lace from afar.

The body part from the picture are series of double-V chain pattern

Just like this jacket, dress and vest variation..pretty in black, beige or white color.

 From the photo it looks like the back side are just series of 5 ch over 5 ch curve. At least the only laborious parts are the sleeves and front side.


  1. Hi Kristine, Jinky here, just wanted to let you know that I came across your blog while surfing and checking my PINTEREST where I found one of your photos.
    So you crochet!, love the boleros you made. I crochet too, but knit most of the time... say are you already in Ravelry? if you do, would you add me to your friends there.. I'm lifeasastitcher :)
    happy hooking!

  2. Muito lindo esses boleros, amei!!

  3. I love the first black grey or white jacket. I would really like to get the pattern in English. Could you tell me where I can get the pattern?

    Thanks, Joni

  4. HI Kristine! You have a lovely blog. I enjoyed searching through your posts. I'd like to tell you I recreated that Chico's cardigan. Here is the post with some diagrams. I thought you might be interested.

  5. wow, thesd are nice works, I love all of them

  6. Let me say thank you for this very nice blog. I´m surprised and love everything your show here! I really would like to crochet the Russian Bolero! - Best regards, Sylvia

  7. Bello!!!!!!!!!!! gracias

  8. These paterns are really beautifull.
    Until now i only made easy things.but i would love to try one off these. Is it possible to get paterns in dutch?
    I know from friends your blog is very much seen here in Holland. Greetings Anna.

  9. Love this patern. Is it possible to get it in dutch? Me and lots of my friends like your blog. Greetings from Hollamd.