Wednesday, October 03, 2012

My Crochet Projects

This is my first time to create a blog about my favorite hobby which is crochet. I used to post pictures of projects I've created on Facebook but I feel limited. I've gotten a lot of feedback and would love to  have more interaction with my crochet followers so I think I just have to create a blog for this purpose. Oh well lets are some of the crochet pieces that I've made. I'm astonished that I cant seem to find a blogger in my country that is about crochet and more astonished to realize that some of the pieces I've created seemed already something new for some of my friends. Perhaps I should search more..knowing Filipinos we are a crafty lot. If anyone's interested with the pattern, I could probably search through my files on where I stashed the pattern for this one.

I had a fun time creating this and even added little grey beads on the sleeves and the center of each flower at the front.
I ask my sister to model this for me..I think it looks great on her.

So now onto the next one...I love this color and this one is pretty easy to make its an Irish crochet motif I think because of the celtic symbols I guess. I intended this for myself and when I posted this my sister-in-law from the States liked it a lot so I intend to give it to her.However, my aunt from the states asked me to create crochet tops for 5 relatives who lives in Tagaytay City as a gift from her and asked me to bring a sample when I go there for their measurements. I brought this as a sample but turns out my grandaunt whom I'm supposed to create one for like this on for sight..she tried it on and took it. Her skin glows with this color really fits her well.

I added some wooden beads and pearls for the string

creation back side yet
My husband drove me there to Tagaytay just about 30 minutes away from where I live..the air is crisp and cool and the scenery is breathtaking. I'd like to live there actually..

This is Taal Lake in Tagaytay City..see the little Taal volcano at the right side? Its actually a volcano in a lake within a lake. Nice view isn't it? so going there to deliver the crochet blouses I made is already a great road trip. My grandaunt's house is near to this site.

The road to Taal lake..

We stop over for a picnic lunch with the view of the lake..

My daughter would love to fly a kite first

That's my husband and daughter choosing their kites.

On the way home


  1. Sus proyectos de crochet, estan lindisimos, y las fotos son fantasticas, desde El Salvador, un saludo Myrna Palacios De Paul

  2. Your work is beautiful. I am all about crochet too. It is my passion! I crochet everyday.