Thursday, October 04, 2012

Everything Blue!!

Needless to say that my favorite color is blue!

From Mod magazine

I would love to make this one but I don have a pattern but once I get to study the circle motif I'd be all set. 

These are from Vogue Knitting Magazine.. they have a pattern but its more instructions than symbols and I prefer symbols like in Japanese crochet magazines where they print the whole pattern in symbols.

Here's the diagram for this wonderful wrap around tunic

Here's the pattern for this romantic lacy top

I am in love with this design! there's no pattern but I think I can work out the design from the picture. I see a basic double crochet filet and double V pattern. Pretty simple, I just have to count how many for each panel. This is like sapphire blue, love it!

Oh well the only blue I've ever made is this and its not even an apparel its a doily. I cut my mom's orchid from our garden to give it a romantic flair.

More to come...

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