Sunday, October 14, 2012

Beautiful Boleros!

 I saw this really pretty black bolero and If I'm not busy with other projects I would really make myself one.

This is not the exact pattern but pretty similar except for the sleeves which should be three quarters only and wider from the armhole to the edges not skintight as below.

Here is the white version of the black bolero I've posted before. There is no exact pattern but it really is just a floral square motif connect together and edged with a series of popcorn stitch.

This is my black version.

The pattern is just like this flower below except that there should be only 8 petals like the other pattern on the lowermost part and each petal should have 24 dc each. You can make it as 16 dc or lower depends how fine you like the petal should look like. Mine's 24 dc.

Been busy this weekend, my husband decided to make a giant Christmas lantern ( Parol ) and I have to assist him. Its exciting actually brings back memories of childhood when my father would do the same at the onset of ber months. Christmas starts early in the Philippines, when September comes countdown begins and yes all those decorations are being prepared. My husband created a 4 ft diameter of this kind and put a 10 watts bulb inside. I'm sure our neighbor friends will one by one make their own to top the gigantic one my husband made. Oh well boys will be boys.

This variety is made from capiz shells and gives a certain warm glow. Each section has its own bulb which when turned on gives a sequential lighting effects. Pretty soon the streets of Manila and Makati will be lined up with this expensive lantern but oh such wondrous to behold.

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