Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Cool tops!

This top is so cool paired with jeans very boho chic!

I think this red top will also look elegant in white or black.

Perfect day today..we have a typhoon who's staying in the country for more than a week and can't seem to get out. She cant even disturb the weather system cause we have sunny days all through the week. Good news for our mango tree to start blossoming. This year too many typhoons disrupted its seasonal blossoms and bore no fruit. I miss our mango I'm hoping our tree will bear fruit before the year ends..

With all this sunshine my daughter again will try to take pictures of the garden which she takes delight in doing usually in the morning. For the past year this has been her hobby and here are some of the pictures she has collected.. She's eight years old and already showing interest in photography so I just let her.. who knows one day it could be her profession.

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