Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My Grey Jacket Project and other Pretty Cardigan and Jacket Patterns

Finally, I'm almost 100% finished with this project.. need to weave in those dangling threads, sew 3 more buttons and belt loops on either side. Actually I don't think the actual pattern has buttons on it just a belt, anyway the picture is not that clear and its black so I may be wrong. This jacket took me awhile to finish almost 3 weeks, Ive used about 1,925 m. mercerized cotton thread. I would love to use yarn but we don't have much selection of yarns in the Philippines, its really not common locally maybe because of the climate or most likely I just don't know where to look.

On the subject of jackets and cardigans..here are some jacket and cardigan patterns that I would love to do if I only have the time. Right now there are a lot of requests lined-up for me and I'm simply swarm until first quarter of next year. I already stopped taking more requests because I may not be able to do them on time and its really hard for me to turn down people sometimes. Anyway, as long as I live there will be time enough for me to accommodate them.. just not right now.

This jacket looked so pretty and playful..all those little flower appliques looked so cute scattered all over the simple v-pattern...

This black cardigan looked so structured, it's so simple but really very pretty specially with a flower brooch like in the picture.

I liked this color reminds me coffeemate and our golden labrador with the same name who passed away 2 years ago. I miss you Coffeemate. I bet this cardi woul eat a lot of thread.

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