Monday, October 08, 2012

Dresses I

Oh if only I can figure out how to create this really beautiful maxi dress.

So feminine .

It comes in red too and I bet it would also look great in white or nude colors

This one really charms me

Someone asked me why are crochet dresses so expensive or just about any kind that is crocheted? I told her..well because crochet is hand made it really is labor intensive, sometimes you really can't take your eyes off it otherwise you'll get it wrong and you'll have to unravel your work. I think there's never been a machine that was invented that could create crochet, unlike in knitting where there is. Crochet is durable it can last years sometimes hundreds of years provided it was properly cared for. It can be an heirloom piece and the designs are timeless.Of course obviously besides its artistic properties, crochet really turns heads oftentimes cause its pretty to look at. For me at least it is.

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