Friday, October 05, 2012

Home Projects

For a month now I've been trying to finish 8 throw pillows that my former office mate has requested. She lives in Australia I think but she'll be coming home for a visit so I have to finish till she comes back to Australia on November. She asked for 5 black and 3 red...I don't mind the red but the black just about kills me.. my eyes are not as good as they were.. being a book lover saw to that.  I've finished six of these and gave my eyes a rest first. One throw pillow took me six days to finish after all.

I like this design..there's actually a lot of dress with the same design that I saw on runways and magazines like this one. Maybe one day I will  make something like this.

Back to the throw pillow..this is what I managed to create.

Good thing that she liked it after I post these pictures on her wall. So while I'm taking a break from all the black thread..I've started a grey one which is another request from my sister-in-law's friend..

And while I'm doing this I thought.. why, this can make a nice  scarf too!..but its hot here in the Philippines so scarves are really not part of our everyday wardrobe except maybe for satin ones paired with an office attire.

This probably will take me a week to finish but I'm already excited to see how it would turn out.

Speaking of home projects my daughter asked me to create this purse for her and she would also love to give some to her friends for Christmas. I really have to teach her when she's a bit older how to crochet like my mother taught me.

I don't have a scanned pattern yet but I guess this photos will do anyway this purse is pretty basic and can be made in a jiffy.

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