Thursday, October 04, 2012

Boleros and Vest

Okay so this black bolero took me two weeks to make, it really ate up a lot of thread because the flower motif is really fine, I think its 24 dc per petal or more. Anyways, this is for my aunt who lives in Texas..we're in mourning that time because my grandmother just passed away so she requested a black one. Didn't fit her though because I really can't gauge her size being that I live here in the Philippines. Fortunately it fits her daughter, my beautiful cousin Diana and she's really happy to have it..told me it came in time for a special occasion she's attending. Here it is...

This doesn't come with a pattern..I just study how it looks like from the picture..the original is in white and I think it looks great in that color too.

This one is the Boston Proper vest being modeled by my sister-in-law. I've already created 3 of this design in red, nude and off white color.

I decided to make a cord with tassel on both ends

This is the red vesion

This pattern is not quite correct but at least it gives an idea on how to make this

I really like to make one in black but I've been making a lot of projects in black lately that I don't think my eyes can take anymore.. it'd be spectacular though to have a black one. Maybe one day I would.

This is a short sleeve version of the grey one that I did..this salmon color is really pretty.

lighting is not good indoors but outside the true color is stunning..I will upload the pattern as soon as I find it.

back side


Here's another black project I made, a pineapple pattern vest modeled by my sister


back side
Here's the pattern..



I did a blue version


  1. Beautiful your boleros! The black one is amazing!Congratulations for this hard work Kristine ! reguards...:-)

  2. Thank you very much for your know before I created this blog I'm already a fan of yours specially your Irish crochet make it seems so easy but I know that it really takes a lot of skills to be able to do what you're doing.Again, thank you and God bless you!

  3. You are very talented and do beautiful work. Wish you would post a written out version of the boston proper cardigan, so I could try and make that. I don't understand graphs at all. Keep up the good work if your eyes will allow you to