Monday, December 03, 2012

Pretty Lacy Top

I have two requests for this pretty lacy top. One for my aunt in Hong Kong and another for my aunt in Texas..right this very minute while I'm posting this I have this very project in my hands.

I noticed this octagon motif has many variations such as this beautiful creations....

 I specially like this dress, so pretty with the tassel detail..

This baby pink almost light peach pullover is so gorgeous...

This is another dress that I started making 4 months ago but haven't been able to finish yet because of other projects. Hope I can finish it one day.

There's no available pattern for this one yet but from the super imposed photo, one can figure out that its like a hexagon motif which is very easy to make. This is such a cute top.

This is my finish product of the pink lacy top..I choose coral  instead of pink...


  1. I really love the pink lacy top ! I don't know if I am able to make a such attractive and pretty "thing" but I would like to try thanks to your plans. Thanks you for this interesting sharing ... :-)

  2. I thought it would be hard too but once I started, I can't stop..the octagon motif is so quick to make before I know it I've finished and connected 6 pieces and now I'm on the lace details and its just my second day. You should try it, you made difficult patterns before I'm sure this is just a walk in the park for you!