Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cool dresses and tunics

Free People..what pineapple design can do. Love its halter neckline.

Doily designs are everywhere..proves that it's no longer used traditionally for table tops and underneath vases.. the doily fever will conquer the crochet world!

This is Ana Kosturova crochet mini skirt. On line price is Php 4,600.00 or USD 115.00!! can you believe that??? I don't think this would cost me 2 balls of cotton thread tsk..tsk.. which is only  100 pesos or USD 2.50. Golly! Anyways, this is designers' so that's life.

Forever 21

I'm loving this color!

 I call this the romantic vest..isn't it cute with all the flowers detail....

This is so in season with the cold weather now..mustard afghan with style

Stylish stole...

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  1. WOW!! Awesome... I have never seen anything like this!!
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