Thursday, December 13, 2012

Inspirational Vintage Pieces

While having  my late afternoon coffee and what we call "merienda" ( light snack) with my mom in the garden, we talked about her crochet hobby when she's still young. She started crocheting at the age of nine and her first project already was a curtain. My grandparent's house has lots of windows all around the house, capiz shell windows like in the Spanish I ask mom, you made a curtain or curtains because you have lots of windows back in the old house. She said "curtains" she filled up the house with it and doilies.. I'm amazed at her zeal and dedication to her hobby at such a young age. So we talked more about crochet apparels back in the 60's so it gave me an idea to search those that she's describing me and boy was it a good journey and so inspirational! My mom glows while describing the details of the dress and I'm thinking, you know what, I feel the same way while finishing a project.. I guess, we love what we do because we are happy while doing it.


A lot of these creations are from Etsy... can you imagine..tops and dressess even doilies made decades ago can still be sold as vintage and still can fetch good sums.. just shows how durable and long lasting crochet is. Makes me wonder.. these projects we're making now copied from magazine models if it would last the time, then we may be seeing these models again... in the future being sold as vintage.

This gorgeous skirt is reserved for Sherri Vintage ( one of my favorite shows on Lifestyle Network )

 gorgeous, gorgeous hem details!

 70's maxi dress style.. well maybe not so maxi since her legs are showing...

70's Peplum camisole...

My mom confirmed, this maxi dress is similar to what she has seen before from actresses of her time...

The neckline and bustier style is reminiscent of Ava Gardner's gowns...

OK, I wont close without patterns though these are not vintage..

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