Wednesday, December 05, 2012

ESCADA white dress

When I saw this dress from Escada my jaw literally dropped!, its like wishing you have a relative who's going to marry in two months time so I can make this dress and wear it to the occasion.. just in different color.

I think the flower square motif in this pattern is more accurate than the one in Japanese magazine.

the waistline part is a series of 3x double V-Pattern between 2 chain spaces, horizontally crocheted to the desired length.

This is similar to what's underneath the waistline and consequently also used at the bottom frills or lacing of the dress

The skirt part 

The waist part and the frills underneath

Flamenco zipper dress from Ana Kosturova. Personally, I can do without the zipper, I'll probably just connect it up to the desired neckline.

This variation has no zipper, just a cord string to connect the front. I prefer this one than the zippered type. ( I think I just made up a verb out of the noun "zipper" )

 a top version of the above dress

 These are the only available patterns but really in situations like this, we have to improvise. What I do is take out my body pattern, I always have it handy in manila paper or construction paper.. since I have the more important aspects which are the patterns below, I just follow it to the contours of my body pattern to be able to produce the desired result. At first I get turned off when there's no complete pattern and measurements but if I really like the dress should I just pass it up? no, I need to learn how to do it so I won't get intimidated . This practice enables me to enhance my skills in crochet and that's what's important. To hone your skills in the thing that you're good at so you can be able to teach it later for the next generation. There's no machine for crochet, its a unique art.. those who knows how to do it have the responsibility to passed it on for the future. 

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