Thursday, December 06, 2012

Dress by Nordstrom

The many variations of this simple but beautiful dress..

 This sleeveless one has a different bodice and neckline

 love the sleeves in this variation, looks so lacy and it doesn't have the square motif at the bottom part.

top variation with cord string.

I think the panel of the bodice is made of hdc stitch ( half double crochet) rather than dc ( double crochet).

I love the color combination of this bolero and its just an open work kind of chevron pattern so it's easy.

 I will find the pattern for this cool with jeans!

I think this is a Topshop brand dress...not sure but I like it.


  1. I own the Brown top (2nd to last before the graphs). I got it from Forever 21 over 10 yrs ago ;)

  2. Superb crochet , thank you for posted !