Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Random Inspirations for Crochet

One day I was browsing through history books, mainly French Revolution and other European history stuff when I came across  this picture of  two ladies in full I'm not sure whether its Victorian fashion but it looks like it. I saw their flower head kind of lariat or headband  and I thought, wait I could crochet something like that. Here's what I was able to come up with...

This bracelet is a row of purple rosette and leaves set in french lace strip

Here is the picture that got me inspired in the first place. Goes to show that we can find inspiration with the most random of things. The good thing about crochet was that you could almost create anything and any form with it. Imagination's the limit.

I proceeded to create more in different colors some such as the one in baby pink and buttercup yellow, I wasn't able to take a photo of anymore as it became very in demand to any one who laid eyes on it. Yep, that's how fast it went!

Now, this one here was my favorite as I love Gothic impressions, what could be more Gothic than a red red rose set in black gauzy screen thingy. This number by the way is highly in demand, I'm still making it as of today

I've been checking out with Circulo blog lately as they always feature stunning designs. I chose a few items that I'm sure you'd love. Do check out their blog for more inspiration. You can visit at this link http://www.circulo.com.br/. You can also check them or follow them on Facebook, Twitter and their Instagram account.

This is a lovely color almost like pink champagne!

Oh I love this shade of red, so stunning! My daughter is pleading me to make one for her.

That's it for today until next time. Have a great day!!!

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