Friday, September 02, 2016

Crochet Flower Bracelets

Aside from crochet bracelets with swarovski crystals and beads, I found myself constantly crocheting flowers until I filled a pouch full of it. What to do with all this flowers? Here's some of my creations..

This cuff complements a black and white outfit, believe me. People take notice immediately.

I've a mistake of not threading the sequins first before crocheting the cuff base.

Magenta cuff

Asian Red Poppy cuff

This is my favorite, I often wear this to church.

Blue Rose cuff

I call this Sunflower burst. There are people I knew who loves sunflowers and I've made a lot of them smile with this cuff

Here are some flower patterns that can be turned into bracelets as well.. sources are Asahi Original Lace Crochet magazine and the web.

I enjoy wearing these bracelets to church because it goes really well with dresses. It didn't take long, other church goers were also wearing theirs which they ordered from me. Hope this inspires others to be more creative. Crochet is oh so versatile, its a wearable art and can be chic too!

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