Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Vanessa Montoro's Charlotte Dress

I am in love with this dress! What an achievement if I could make one. I tried to scour the net for patterns and lucky enough, I've found some. 

Patterns below are from the ladies of Osinka website.

Vertical Front Band (bodice part)

More detailed pattern for the vertical front band

Openwork X stitch connecting the front band all around front to back

Bottom band from which I think where everything starts..


 I think this is the body of skirt from the bottom band up.

linking the upper portion of the skirt dress

 Side portion


SAHZA dress

 Another inspirational designs


Dorothy Perkins

 Free People

H&M.. love this dress!




  1. I love this dress! Thanks! You have a great blog too! :)

    Lee Ann H
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  2. Hello! This is my first visit in your blog, and I must say it is totally breath taking!!! You have LOTS of beautifull patterns and pictures of this beautifull creations!!! Best blog I have ever visited!!! Thank you sooo much for acctually going trough the long hour work of downloading and posting them on your page so others can wiew and getting inspired to try them out!!! Thanks for chering the beautifull art!!! Yours sensirely Wibeche from Norway ��