Saturday, January 05, 2013

Beige Pineapple Motif Top

I would love to create this top for the summer if I only have time but my hands are really full with other projects as of the moment. I really like this top because its so versatile, can pair it with jeans, skirt or shorts.. I think its a classic design.

Rag & Bone top. almost looks like denim from afar.

I like the seemingly spiderweb design of this hexagon motif runway piece. I can't find a pattern but I think I can make out the pattern from the super imposed picture. It doesn't look complicated...very crochet-addict-friendly-design.

I love boleros because they are very useful piece of clothing and crochet boleros specially makes any tank top look special.

I was aiming for the vest with the circle motif but I can't find a!

Another cute and girly skirt perfect for my daughter... patterns are from Osinka

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