Tuesday, January 08, 2013

All about Crochet Vests

Vests should be a wardrobe staple...works like boleros and cardis but the thing with vests is that it  could be playful. You can add long strings or strips or tassels and it still would look good. Unlike boleros and cardis, vests can be worn not only over a tank top but with shirts and long sleeves as well. Great with jeans too

Scalloped hem crochet gray vest..

One Teaspoon Filet Crochet Vest

Pastel lovely crochet vest

Tassels crochet vest

Vintage Hippie Crochet vest from Etsy

BeBe Gray Crochet Vest

I do save these diagrams because it can still serve as guidelines for other hexagon motifs I have. I don't have to confine myself with this particular hexagon motif just as long as I have the placement diagrams, I'm good to go with other patterns as well. Diagrams for square motifs are pretty easy to connect, hexagons and octagons are much harder to figure out.

Bilabongs crochet vest


  1. Hermosos modelos! Ideales para lucir en primavera-verano! Manos a la obra! Gracias! María Teresa de BsAs Argentina

  2. Hermosos modelos, ideales para la primavera y veranos. Manos a la obra! Gracias! María Teresa desde BsAs Argentina