Monday, November 05, 2012

Kate Moss Dress

I didn't get the name of the designer so I just called this the "Kate Moss" dress, since I've first seen it on her. 

I've done this technique before for my Boracay slipdress..3 thread fountains in was a tedious process for me and I never did it again.

This pattern makes for a lovely lace yoke that accentuates the gentle slope of the female shoulders

This is another dress that I'd like to make though I haven't found the pattern yet. I like its long bell sleeves and its A-line but narrow skirt, just the right drape on the body.

Now back to my estimates..I was requested  to make a tablecloth for a table the size of 214cm..that's a huge table..of course a table cloth should have at least a foot size drape on all 4 sides so I can imagine how much thread it would consume and how many months I have to make it so help me God.  A table with a size of  156cm x 120cm  would consume about  27 20-gram ball white using a hook size 1.00. If her table is 214cm...did I say yes to her already? oh well there's no turning back now. It better be an heirloom piece that would last even after I'm gone. Goodluck to me!

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