Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Easy and Pretty Cream Dress

You'll find that this dress is pretty easy to just have to have the important elements of the dress, connect it together et voila! you have your own copy.

Aside from this round pattern there are a lot of pattern selections for round motif that can be similar to what was used in the dress.

This chart here is pretty much my "go-to" chart for edgings and borders..

The edging pattern below this scheme is quite similar to what was used in the dress.

I am loving this color combination! grey always works with orange and tangerines. Saw this on Drops design and pinned on to my Pinterest Board. Since I couldn't upload the PDF File pattern, you can check out the pattern from or you can check out my Pinterest "Crochet Stuff" board and click it from there to redirect you to this pattern.

I've recreated this dress already but in black and its beautiful.

There's no exact pattern for this dress but I've been able to recreate it using this pattern below with a little changes vis-a-vis the dress and also the bottom part pattern helped a lot.

I hope you enjoy creating some of these pieces as I do!

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