Sunday, April 07, 2013

Inspirational Sundresses

It's the height of summer here in the Philippines, hottest being 38deg C. Time to go to the beaches but before's also nice to have lovely sundresses.. Must have this summer!

I like the circular motif of this off-white dress specially the sleeves, it's so cute!

This dress is a bit too sexy for me for the neckline part but I can make adjustments to that. I like the skirt part though.

Hot pink!

I like the openwork combination on this dress, quite easy to follow.

This is another variation of the little white doily pattern. Bojo chic I'd say!

Now this is a glorious dress, if only there's pattern my prayers would be answered. Hope someone would share.

This off-shoulder dress is so romantic, I haven't found a clearer diagram but the pattern used here is quite familiar so I may be able to work it out somehow.

Another pineapple motif dress and so pretty! again no pattern, I wish there would be in time. It would be lovely to have this in my wardrobe for summer.

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